Film Festival showcases Peruvian cinema

The 35th edition of the Guadalajara International Film Festival will run from March 20 to 27 and feature 195 films of different genres shown at 282 separate screenings.

The invited country this year is Peru, which will show some of the country’s award-winning movies, including a repeat of “Wiñaypacha” (Eternity), the story of an isolated elderly couple’s struggle for survival in the Peruvian Andes, spoken entirely in the Aymaran language, which won the Ibero-America Competition at the 2018 Guadalajara Film Festival. (It’s also currently available for viewing on Amazon Prime in Mexico.)  Also, “Retablo,” a BAFTA-nominated movie set in the Andes, where family secrets are brought into the open; and “La Bronca,” about a teenager who abandoned a violent Peru in the 1990s, and reunites in Montreal with his father and his new Canadian family.

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