LLT scores a homer!

It was the typical farcical story — an illicit affair, mistaken identities, and a set with lots of doorways. Those were the only things typical about the Lakeside Little Theatre’s production of “How the Other Half Loves” by Alan Ayckbourn.

From the get-go it is apparent that director Dave McIntosh is not only talented and experienced but has an uncanny sense of “the show.” The blocking, with two very different families in two different homes going through their daily routines and conversations at the same time while occupying the same space could have been a recipe for frenetic disaster. However, McIntosh moved his players through the maze with nary a hitch and painted a pleasing, easy flowing, and at no time confusing, picture. McIntosh also proved his metal, clearly directing his cast with a keen ear and eye but trusting them enough to pull back when necessary to allow them to humanize their characters to the max. Individuals in the cast actually became the characters.

Each of the cast members, Kathleen Carlson, Collette Clavadetcher, Roger Larson, Russell Mack, Peter Luciano and Daphne Peerless turned in a performance at a nearly flawless level. It was Larson, however, who for this observer, stole the show. His interpretation of the absent-minded, somewhat dithering, naïve but wily corporate executive has to be among the best ever at LLT—or maybe any other theater as well—so good that the audience began to anticipate his return to the scenes.

Director McIntosh was assisted by Ann Swiston. The stage manager was Cindy Hitchcock, assisted by Candace Luciano. Win McIntosh and Joe Loebach were the production assistants. Alex Pinkerton and his crew, Richard Bansbach, Bryan Selesky, Russell Moore, Lee Hitchcock, David White and Russell Mack constructed the set. Set décor and painting coordinator was Terri Hensely. Costumes were by Tina Jones.

The sound design and operation were by Emma Bergh-Apton and the lighting design and operation were by Zane Pumiglia and Brand Dobko. Karen Lee and her helper, Barb Duffus managed the props. Makeup was by Maxcine Tate, Christy Wiseman, Julie Mignard and Marilyn Prater.

Orchids to everyone involved in this truly superior production!

Next up for Lakeside Little Theatre is its annual musical. This year it will be “A Taste of Broadway,” featuring all of your favorite tunes and scenes from the Great White Way, directed by Barbara Clippinger, choreographed by Alexis Hoff with music coordination by Patteye Simpson. The run is from February 25 to March 6. Mark your calendars.