71 artists compete in Judged Show

Once again, members of the 40-year-old Ajijic Society of the Arts (ASA) put their best pieces forward in 11 categories in the annual Judged Show held at the Ajijic Cultural Center March 17. Seventy-one artists entered 142 pieces for competition. Best of Show went to Lois Schroff for her acrylic painting “Sunrise Vision.” The rest of the winners were:

Acrylic painting
1st Patricia Ouellette, “Jacaranda”
2nd Marian Decker, “In the Moment”
3rd Gwynne Lott, “Hands at Work”

Oil painting
1st Salvador Ortiz, “Pescadores”
2nd Jennifer Miller, “Sophia”
3rd Patricia Ouellette, “Jalisco”
3rd Ella Fournier, “Day Dreaming”

1st Elizabeth Lee, “Flathead Lake”
2nd R. Tumblin, “Rosa”
3rd Jeanne Tullock, “Dona Maria”

1st Varn, “Sunlit Forest”
2nd Ken Gosh, “Roosters in Orchids”
3rd Maryann Linhart, “Mexico Melanges”
3rd Patrick DuMouchel, “Tea Strainer”

1st Val Decker, “Frenzy”
2nd Cindy Carl, “Water Lily”
3rd Gravy Graves, “This is My House”
3rd Jay Koppleman, “Sayacas de Ajijic”
3rd David Lawrence, “Seis Esquinas Ajijic”

1st Diane Roux, “Rebozo”
2nd Kitt Vincent, “Circles”
3rd Diane Roux, “Jacket/Handbag”

Jewelry, Metal
1st Benjamine, “Neptune’s Present”
2nd Lauri Jensen, “Van Gogh Skies”
3rd Benjamine, “Memories of a Monarch”

Jewelry, Non-Metal

1st Janey Marquez, “At the Last Moment”
2nd Barbara Passarello, “Broken Glass Slipper”
3rd Susy Wright, “Out of Africa”

1st Frank Howell, “El Ojo de Tornado”
2nd Jeanne Greene, “Balloon Bowl”
3rd Frank Howell, “Desert Bloom”

3rd Gravy Graves, “Scorpion”
3rd Jose Duran, “Butterfly”