Purépecha festival brings Michoacán arts & culture to Ajijic

Fine crafts, folk art, cultural traditions and regional cuisine brought in from indigenous pueblos in the state of Michoacán will be showcased at the Fiesta Purépecha scheduled Thursday, December 12 through Sunday, December 15 at the Ajijic plaza.

pg10apg10bMichoacán is distinguished as a place where each village specializes in a particular type of handiwork, following styles and techniques passed down and refined through generations.

Typical goods range from varied types of intricately embroidered clothing and accessories, rebozo shawls, table linens and hand-loomed textiles, to pottery vessels, stoneware ceramics and clay figurines.

The panorama of Purépecha crafts also includes baskets, woven reed and straw articles, carved wooden masks and household objects, hand-painted lacquer ware, leather goods and copperware. The festival will feature artisans from Sahuayo, a town located near Lake Chapala’s southeast shore, noted for the production of huarache sandals.

The craft fair will be set up around the central square where native Michoacán vendors will put their products on display at a perfect time for holiday-season shoppers. Business hours will run from 11 a.m. until sundown.

The festival will also encompass a program of regional dance and music performances to be presented sporadically throughout each day. Classic Purépecha culinary specialties, prepared and dispensed under the supervision of master cook Juana Bravo, will introduce visitors to the unique flavor profiles of Michoacán.