Dodging driving hazards

I’ve long held the notion that driving in Mexico is somewhat akin to the behind-the-wheel simulators you find in game parlors or on video screens.

pg13aOf course, the big difference is that the points you get on true-life tarmac really count!

The masterminds behind driving games don’t even come close to dreaming up the multiple and sometimes mind-boggling hazards you come across buzzing about on the highways and byways here at lakeside. Ever see one that challenges you get over an infinite series of speed bumps? Far less the hateful unmarked topes that are invisible until you bottom out, leaving your car with a puncture oil pan or minus the muffler.

Judging by the rash of accidents reported just in the last couple of weeks, motorists should keep in mind they are constantly in peril.

At this time of year our local roads are riddled with hundreds of potholes, like endless strips of asphalt Swiss cheese. Just when you think you’ve memorized the worst of the tire swallowers and suspension rippers, you find yourself dodging brand new pits that weren’t there in your last outing.


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