Make your bitching count

Okay, let’s recognize that anyone who hasn’t heard that wearing a face mask is considered key to preventing the spread of Covid-19 infection must hopelessly out of touch with current reality.

pg12Here at lakeside, complaints against individuals who don’t accept the practice have turned into a plague infecting local social networks.

Fruitless fussing has become so rampant that last week the administrator of the Chapala Covid-19 group thought it might be time to put her foot down. She ran a poll among mem-bers who voted overwhelmingly in favor of a time-out.

Yeah votes were complemented by numerous comments such as “Yes, pause. Serves no pur-pose,” and “It’s useless venting,” and “Please pull the plug. Accomplishes exactly zip.”

I was tickled by the person who wrote. “Helen Wait is taking all complaints. So if you have a complaint, go to Helen Wait!” It made we wonder how many jumped to Google to find her.

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