Eating my way through Fiestas Patrias

With little else to do in celebration of the 210th anniversary of the outbreak of Mexico’s struggle for independence as a sovereign nation, I thought I might soothe the heart from missing out on the usual hullabaloo by going on a patriotic diet.

I don’t mean the sort of diet that might reduce my girth. On the contrary, I fully expect to pack on a few extra kilos before I’m done. So after imposing a strict household rule to limit the weekly menu to purely Mexican cuisine, I’ve relished gobbling down a wide assortment of delectable dishes.

I admit to a passion for the most patriotic of all of the country’s culinary delights: Chiles en Nogada. Originating in the kitchen of a nunnery in the City of Puebla, the rich recipe for stuffed poblano peppers was created to honor War of Independence hero Agustin de Iturbide who rode into town after signing the Treaty of Cordoba that ended the 11-year conflict.

Part of the caché of the platter is a presentation showing off the colors of the Mexican flag, making a visual statement along with its palate-pleasing symphony of flavors.

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