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May is time for scorpion lore; what it’s like to be stung and what to do if it happens to you

In the Jalisco highlands, that alarming visitor the alacran (scorpion) usually shows up indoors in largest numbers during the rainy season and during the breezy months of February and March.

It’s those times that wind and water shift around the rocks and clods and fallen tree trunks that make up the homes of this nasty-natured member of the spider family.


But now, in May, though breezes do spring up that shift pebbles and branches, scorpions are invading human habitats primarily in search of moisture. And they are showing up in places that haven’t seen a scorpion in a decade  – cement-surrounded Guadalajara townhouses, apartments and offices, for instance. In the countryside, of course, alacranes are rather common all year round.

Thus, suddenly, May – and one assumes the first half of June – is becoming a new alacran season. This means you should wear your shoes when cruising about the house – just in case, if you live in the city, and for darn good reason if you live on the outskirts of Guadalajara or at Lake Chapala.

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