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Better, more intelligent web searching

As this column goes to press the sordid quadrennial political circus north of the border is thankfully coming to a close. 

Anyone who follows the news cannot help but be aware of the staggering dishonesty and reality twisting by the mainstream, corporate news media.  Readers of this column will also be aware I have pointed out the political bias sneaked into your computer and other online-connected devices by the corporations in charge of major internet search engines.

One reason I have taken notice of the political bias of search engines is my choice of internet browser.  My preference for the Mozilla Firefox browser means that I have a search window that permits me to easily search Google then immediately run the same search against Yahoo, Bing, or any of several other search engines.  This is a feature not found in Google’s Chrome or Microsoft’s Edge.  Google and Microsoft are competitors for the search engine market so it should come as no surprise that the browsers they make do not make it easy to use the competition’s search engine.  As kids love to say: “well, duh!”

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