Last updateFri, 26 Feb 2021 12pm

COMPUTER CORNER: Grabbing screenshots, a basic skill

The message contained in the email that appeared in my inbox read: “I got a message from somewhere and I think it said something about how I have to sign up with Windows or somebody so Google can download my iPad to Facebook in the cloud.

What should I do?”  If you are able to make any sense at all out of that, then you are a better tech than I am. Nevertheless; I still have the correct answer to the question “What should I do?”

It is an unfortunate reality today that if you ever go anywhere near the internet you are certainly going to encounter confusing messages that appear on your computer, smart phone or tablet. Some of these are scams engineered to dupe gullible victims; some are advertising cynically masquerading as warning messages; and some are actually legitimate.  Even the tech savvy sometimes have trouble telling the difference.

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