Last updateFri, 18 Sep 2020 11am

Cartel news would be popular everywhere

Given its influence on Mexican commerce, economy and culture, I will be the first to note that maybe the drug cartels should have their own drug cartel media.

They often dominate the news these days, everywhere. Al Jazeera currently has a separate “Drug Cartel News” page just for Mexico, but without restaurant reviews or a Bridge column. So, clearly the subject generates international interest.

I’m envisioning “The Cartel Gazette & Picayune.”  Here is sample subject matter.

The Commerce Section

Talk about entrepreneurial ambition. U.S. authorities seized 16.5 tons of cocaine worth more than US$1 billion from a ship in South Philadelphia in one of the largest drug seizures in history, the U.S. Justice Department just reported. Mexico cartels claim they had nothing to do with this. (I use this news item as an example because it all happened near my old neighborhood, a fact the Justice Department oddly failed to mention.)

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