Lawfulness takes 20-20 acuity

Despite misperceptions abroad, Mexican people are even-tempered and gentle. They bring a calm, genial formality to their public appearances. There is rarely a public display of temper, frustration or emotion.

This mode of behavior consists of restraint and politeness in public – something you might remember during the 1950s, when men tipped their hats and ladies charged into washrooms if they were about to cry. There’s seldom any sign of tension or terror, and no one is frantically suggesting arming everybody to video game high-noons.

This is what outsiders see in a nation where the crime rate, along with its bloodshed and fears and tension, is at an all-time high.  But the impact of a nation at war with itself must be taking its toll in some fashion. For instance, in the United States, suicide, opioid use, divisiveness, paranoia and corporate corruption are all up – signs of a nation in crisis.

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