Last updateFri, 07 Aug 2020 12pm

The short, happy life of coronavirus

It’s May, time to welcome the May fly, and then say goodbye, since it only lives for as short a time as five minutes, while its gestation period is two years.

Post traumatic stress among mother May flies is the worst in the animal kingdom. Anyway, as an insect, it doesn’t carry the coronavirus, as far as anybody knows. But it must be thinking about family planning.

According to WebMD, if you are not washing your hands readily to combat Covid-19, beware of these timelines:

Coronavirus can last on newspapers and magazines for five days, long enough for them to muse over the economic news. (Please wash your hands after reading this, and then set the paper on fire.) Don’t put this paper down on wooden furniture because the wood can harbor the virus for another four days. So nine days of infection just to do the sudoku puzzle?

Grabbing ATM cash? Not sure how to disinfect cash? Leave your money out in the sun for five days for a UV disinfection, unless you wish to wash and dry it in the washer-dryer. ATM buttons harbor virus for three days, which in effect means indefinitely.

Plastics and steel? Covid-19 apparently lasts the longest on hard plastics and steel.  So keep toys out of the reach of children. Remove your metal sunglasses or jewelry, but don’t touch your face. Metal welcomes virus for five days. So use gloves. Or a pair of pliers.

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