Alas, our pets are just pets

As all dog lovers know, you sometimes treat your pal as though he or she were human. Or, they wish they were human. Many times this only brings about disappointment.

My take on it was more intense. I wanted my dog to evolve. So that our interactions could be so close that I could finish her barks. This is not to say she couldn’t anthropomorphize like any intelligent creature. S’koocha loved the theater and fit right in with the divas and divones. She even acted on the stage and never forgot her lines. Once she actually took an extravagant bow when in a theater production here, and the audience went wild. Another time, she improvised a whole theater scene by extemporaneously running up on stage and barking. The canine equivalent to “You talking to me?” (All true.)

So I thought more anthropomorphizing would be coming. Instead, she just got uppity. For example, when she insisted we were going for a walk, and I had to straighten her out by explaining that she is not my superior. In most cases, I’m her superior. Well, in a few cases.

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