Last updateFri, 16 Oct 2020 1pm

The plastic bag apocalypse

Plastic bags are well-nigh immortal. In many cases they will survive for over 100 years as landfill waste or litter, and can be used by vampires for lunch bags.

The e-mail distopia

After examining about a week of my emails not long ago, I realized how far we’ve come from the lovely hand-written letters we wrote when writing was an art.

Microbe mysteries

Over the past several months, just about everyone I know came down with what everybody loves to call a “stomach flu.” Well, this condition is sometimes as confusing to doctors as it is to victims.

Over the hill? Time for a lift

Cosmetic surgery is often viewed as our interminable battle against aging. What seems to be different today in many places is that it’s acceptable to talk publicly about all those age-removing techniques.