School shows how distance learning can be successful

The appearance of Covid-19 has forced most schools to switch to remote learning. For many this may have been quite a challenge, but not for Luis Medina, director of Guadalajara’s IMI College.

pg7a“It was no problem,” Medina told me. “It took us only an hour to make the switch and things are going really well. Instead of firing teachers, I had to hire more staff.”

Not only is the college coping during the pandemic, but, according to Medina, “students are learning better than ever and they love it.”

Medina’s school is one of a network of over 150 Knotion schools, founded in Morelia, Michoacán, which have replaced traditional textbooks, teachers and curricula with iPads, coaches and a monthly challenge that transforms students into investigators and researchers.

“Knotion schools have a complete technological and pedagogic infrastructure for distance learning, so our students can achieve academic success even if they’re quarantined at home,” said Medina.

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