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A new route up beautiful Cerro del Colli

Every year near the end of the rainy season, I do my best to urge people who live in Guadalajara and its environs to head for El Cerro del Colli –

pg8atheir nearest portal to the Primavera Forest – to spend a day tiptoeing through the “colliflowers” which grow in profusion all up and down this steep hill at the west end of town.  According to geologists, this hill is actually a volcanic plug, created after the Primavera Caldera’s last explosion about 25,000 years ago.

For many years, ordinary families, hard-core hikers or someone simply out for a stroll, needed only to get themselves to the far end of Calle San Gregorio at the western edge of the city and, taking that one step, they would find themselves in another world.

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