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Lake La Vega: The place to go after visiting the Guachimontones

Without a doubt the most popular non-alcoholic tourist attraction outside of Guadalajara is the Guachimontones archaeological site.

But once you’ve strolled among the circular pyramids and visited the Phil Wiegand Interactive Museum … what else is there to do?

If you are thinking of eating, swimming, walking, cycling or picnicking—not to mention bird watching or kayaking—head for the lake!

No, not Lake Chapala, but rather that little lake you probably already spotted when you climbed to the top of the biggest Guachimontón: La Presa de la Vega.

La Vega Dam is nine kilometers long and two wide and is the source of the 230-kilometer-long Ameca river which serves as the border between Jalisco and Nayarit, and whose waters spill into the Pacific Ocean at Puerto Vallarta.


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