Trivia teams go all out for Niños Incapacitados

Creative costumes, inventive table arrangements, delicious food treats and, of course, challenging questions produced another festive, fun-filled afternoon and evening at this year’s Trivia Quizzes organized through Niños Incapacitados.

pg22a32, eight-member teams competed in the Ninth Annual Trivia Quizzes event held at the Hotel Real de Chapala on February 6. All of the event’s proceeds will be used to help the 160+ Lakeside children with their expenses for medical and therapeutic care.

At the afternoon session, where ten teams competed, “Fake News” triumphed for first place by correctly answering 69 of the 80 multiple choice questions which were projected on eight large screens strategically placed throughout the room. “Rob Roy” finished second, and in third place was “Half Wits”.

At the evening session, “Los Magnifico Ocho” prevailed over 22 teams, scoring 67 correct answers. In the runner-up position was “La Cristina Gang,” with “Aztec Terriers” in third.

The trivia questions covered an array of topics from art, history, science, sports, and current events.  Questions that stumped almost everyone were: “What is the Red October being hunted for in The Hunt for Red October?” Answer:  A Soviet Submarine; “When Jell-O was invented in 1897, which of the following was NOT one of the original flavors?” Answer:  Lime.

But one of the questions everyone got right in the evening was: “This movie has two roles. Michael Caine played the younger role in the 1972 version and the older role in the 2007 version. What is it?” Answer: Sleuth.


But only half the afternoon teams knew this one: “What iconic Mexican item is named from the translation of ‘shade maker’?” Answer: Sombrero.

In addition to recognizing the winners of the questions, teams were also recognized in a variety of categories that rewarded their creativity, originality and wit in their choices of team names, attire, table decorations and foods.   “Endangered Species” was indeed the most coordinated and thematic team in the room. Every item on the table, from place mats, napkins, napkin holders, plates and center piece, reflected the theme. The table was further complimented by the participants in theme attire.

And then there was Con Jurors, a new group at this year’s event that lit up the room with a beautiful crystal ball centerpiece and wizard hats to enhance the thinking process.

Finally, “Glad Team” was  dressed in pristine white with shining hair styles, accompanying Glad garbage bags reflecting their team name beautifully. Added bonus: they collected garbage, too.

At the end of the event, those attending were already discussing their plans for next year. Photographs of the event can be found at the Ninos Incapitados website,, along with details about Ninos Incapacitados’ closing fund raising event of the season: a dinner/dance, with the theme of White Night, White Lights, Thursday, March 22 at the Hotel Real de Chapala.