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Four-legged friends fly for free

Are you traveling back to the United States or Canada?  Well, take a friend with you for free. 

pg17aaThat’s actually a four-legged friend that needs to catch a ride to a forever home.  It’s easy.  You just fly as usual and The Ranch or Tails of Mexico volunteers will do all the work.

The Ranch is a no-kill dog shelter just outside of Ajijic currently caring for approximately 80 dogs. Tails of Mexico is an organization that provides free spay and neuter clinics to Mexican families, street dogs and others with limited means.  Both non-profit organizations also fly dogs to no-kill shelters in the United States and Canada, where they are found good homes. Animals are wanted there because the majority of the dogs in shelters are Pit bulls, Chihuahuas or dogs with behavior problems. A wide variety of dogs, all very healthy and adoptable, are flown from here.

The way it works is The Ranch or Tails of Mexico sends information to other no-kill shelters about highly adoptable dogs available.  After they agree to receive them, volunteers start to look for people flying to that specific location.  Dog flight tickets need to be attached to a passenger ticket.  Flight tickets per animal cost approximately $US100 which is paid for from donations and money garnered from special events held by both organizations.

A volunteer will go with you to the airport, do all the paperwork at the ticket counter and will even provide you with transportation to the airport if needed.  You proceed as usual through security and go on to your gate. The dog goes in through cargo.  Once you arrive at your destination, you will be met by a representative from the receiving shelter who takes over from there.

If you can be one of our flight angels or if you just have questions, contact the flight coordinator, Cari, at 331-705-0466.



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