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La Manzanilla Memo – January 7, 2017

Wasn’t That a Party?

As the town overflowed with tourists, 2017 was ushered in with all-night-long celebrations.

Handshakes, kisses, and wishes for a Feliz Año Nuevo were everywhere. There was song and dance in every restaurant, in the streets, and on the beach.   Bonfires, lanterns, and fireworks were lit from 6 p.m to 6 a.m.  The highlight of the evening’s festivities seemed to be the Thump the Trump Piñata. Dangling from a rope across the main street, the Donald was pounded and pummeled over and over.   The ladies, both Mexican and gringas alike, seemed to have the most deadly swings at him as the crowd cheered enthusiastically.  

The Buddha Dog Cafe

La Manzanilla is well known for its diverse and delicious variety of restaurants. From the taco stands to fine dining, there is a cornucopia of selections to suit the wants and needs of the population, except for one.   Vegetarians and vegans were limited in their options.  Well no more!   This week, the Buddha Dog Café opened its doors to an enthusiastic public.  Nestled between two gardens, there is a relaxed, cozy atmosphere where patrons are encouraged to “feel free to be themselves.”  The menu is focused on fresh, healthy and local.  From salads to perogies, all the food is made from scratch – nothing comes out of a package.  The sandwiches are served on homemade artesian bread baked fresh in La Manzanilla.  The colourful garden fresh vegetables used in the salads and coleslaw delight not only the palette, but the eye as well.  A refreshing surprise is the homemade ginger ale. It is a daily “sell-out.” 

Proprietors Lee and Brian have a strong sense of community and harmony.  In the coming weeks, guest chefs will be invited to come and serve their own specialties. But it isn’t just the food that is so appealing. The folks at Buddha Dog Café love their planet and beautiful town.  With that in mind, they strive to keep disposables at a limit. Cloth napkins are used, and while take-out containers are available, your own from home will be happily filled.  They will also be offering specials from time to time with proceeds going to Second Chance Rescue Centre for homeless dogs located in La Manzanilla.  

Located on Maria Asunción, serving delicious lunches from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, Tuesdays to Fridays. Oh, did I mention Friday is Pizza Day?  Yummy!!

The Whales Are Back 

This past Thursday, while on a fishing tour of Tenacatita Bay, my family –  visiting from Canada – and I had the thrill of a lifetime.   We saw the humpbacks living free and for the most part safely.  We learned that nine of the 14 distinct populations of humpbacks are no longer classified as endangered.  Their numbers have been increasing steadily in recent years.   They will, however, continue to be protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act and that the International Whaling Commission’s moratorium on hunting these magnificent creatures will remain in effect.   Hopefully in a few more years, all humpbacks will no longer be endangered.

Spoken Word Artists 

The first in a Spoken Word Artists Charity Series will be held Monday, January 9, from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Casa Luz.

If you have ever wanted to share poetry or prose in public, this would be a wonderful way to have your chance.  Depending on the number of people who sign up, each will have five-ten minutes to share. 

Donations from this event (after expenses) will be given to the La Catalina Scholarship Student Art Program. 

Upcoming Author Chats 

Helping Hands Bookstore is proud to announce the second in a series of author chats scheduled this year.  On January 13. Roberta Rich will be returning for a second chat and joining her this time will be Dianne Hicks Morrow, Judy Dykstra Brown and Rachel McMillan. 

This should be a fun and interesting evening listening to these women tell their stories.  If interested in attending be at Los Cabanas Restaurant at 5 p.m.  Admission is 250 pesos at the door.  

The funds raised will aid Helping Hands Bookstore continue to sponsor children in the La Catalina Scholarship Program, as well as help with other needs in our community.  Anyone wishing dinner after the chat session is advised to make reservations in advance.  Hope to see you there.

Women’s March 

As most of you probably know there will be a Women’s March on Washington on January 21, the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States.  

But Washington D.C. is not the only place marches will be held. In 41 states, many with multiple locations, and 15 countries, including Mexico, organized marches will be held.  

Here in La Manzanilla a march is also being planned for that day.  Anyone wanting to participate is asked to be at the Jardin at 10 a.m. on November 21.

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