Last updateFri, 18 May 2018 11am

Exploring city’s new ‘gastronomic corridor’

Upon an examination of Guadalajara’s newly minted “COME, Gastronomic Corridor” undertaken on three separate occasions, that sobriquet – applied by Mayor Enrique Alfaro and a consortium of local business owners to a stretch of Avenida Mexico sandwiched between two giant roundabouts – seems like a linguistic swindle, a coat of paint perfunctorily applied to a brothel outhouse.

Successful LA hair stylist returns home with peace of mind

Growing up in a traditional Mexican family in the small village of Tlachichilco on the north shore of Lake Chapala, Jose Juan Vazquez felt he couldn’t go after his true passion to become a hair and makeup artist because his father, Cirilo, wouldn’t have accepted it.

Art of Madrid in limelight in major FIL-related shows

As part of the entourage of the annual book fair (Feria Internacional de Libros), Guadalajara’s premier museums normally mount impressive displays of artwork emanating from the invited county, city or region, frequently those with a connection to Mexican culture – in the past Los Angeles (2009), Latin America (2016) and regions of Spain, such as Andalusia (2006) and Castilla y León (2010).

From the tianguis to the table

Each Wednesday, Linda Harley, known as “AbueLinda” (Grandma Linda), weaves her way through Ajijic’s open-air market, or tianguis, along with a handful of wide-eyed students eager to learn all about the local Mexican fare.