Letters to the Editor - December 16, 2017

Dear Sir,

Three weeks before Christmas, on a hot December afternoon, 31 shoppers from Ajijic – most of them women – came by bus to Guadalajara’s three-level Gallerias Mall on a seasonal spending spree. 

After perusing the mall with its halls and stores decorated with trees and lights, the group moved across the road to take advantage of Costco’s markdowns. After they finished  there, the shoppers pushed their carts towards the side of the bus.  The unloading of their goods and stacking of their treasures in the bus storage bay was taken care of by Juan, the bus driver, with the assistance of the shopping trip organizers, Rhonda and Ana from “Focus on Mexico.”  Juan refused to place the two delicate poinsettias that one lady had purchased in the bus storage area.  A proud Mexican, he put the flowers, native to Mexico, securely inside the bus.  These flowers were upgraded to 300-peso seats for the drive home.


Malcolm Callister