Letters to the Editor - December 23, 2017

Dear Sir,

Upset! Yes, I am upset and angry after the Republican congress passed this horrific tax bill that benefits the very rich and big business AND increase substantially the deficit. It even contains a last-minute provision that benefits real estate developers such as, guess who, Trump and family.

The Republican representatives and senators who cheered when they passed the bill should be ashamed of themselves. Every time a Democrat government passed a budget that showed a deficit, they screamed bloody murder! Of the past 36 years, 20 were under a Republican administration and 16 under a Democrat administration. Starting with Reagan and his trickle-down theory, every Republican budget ballooned the national deficit. The only time the budget was balanced and even showed a surplus was under President Clinton. So please, you who call yourselves “fiscally responsible” are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites.

Paul Ryan and his cohorts try to justify the tax bill by saying that corporations will make more money which they will use to increase jobs and hire more workers and employees. Trickle down once again! Do give me a break!

1. The job market in the United States is in pretty good shape with only 4 percent unemployment, which is pretty much full employment. Most of those still unemployed lack any type of skills, have societal (drug) or health problems, etc.

2. Greed rules today’s society. It is more likely that the large corporations will use the windfall from the tax bill to increase the salaries and bonuses of their executives (one more yacht, please), and increase the dividends to their share holders, composed in majority in the top one percent of the society.

3. If the corporations invest the added gains, it will be in office automation, manufacturing robotization, and further gigantic mergers. Expect, actually, that more people will be let go. Watch out West Virginian miners!

I welcome any lakeside Republican followers of Mr. Trump to present his point of view.

Jean-Claude Tatinclaux, Ajijic

Dear Sir,

After reading the criticism in last week’s edition of Lakeside Little Theatre’s “Calendar Girls,” it would appear Joan Jordan doesn’t relate to British humour.  I enjoyed the show immensely and apparently so did many others. The play was a sell out on every performance with good reviews from all those in attendance. Congrats to all involved. 

Peter Hurst