Letters to the Editor - January 13, 2018

Dear Sir,

Re: “My New Year’s resolution: request my ballot” (The Reporter, January 6, 2018).

It is hard to believe that someone could say that 2017 was a disaster for the United States. It shows extreme bias and ignorance of the facts. How about that the NYSE set new record highs on 62 occasions and that the jobless figures are way down to the point that there is virtually no unemployment. Also:

- The unemployment rate for African Americans dropped considerably

- The GDP has had two consecutive quarters over three percent (in the eight years Obama was president it never reached two percent)

- The passing of a tax law that should stimulate the economy even more this year

- An illegal immigration rate that has dropped considerably and that could open the door for more legal immigration

- Abolishing numerous regulations that hurt both small and large businesses

- Approval of a Supreme Court justice that most thinking people would say was a great choice

- Grants announced to the total of $98,000,000 to help fund 802 new cops

- The rounding up of nearly 800 Mara Salvatrucha gang members – an 83 percent increase

- The expansion of the Mexico City policy that blocks some US$9 billion in foreign aid being used for abortions

- Building our military to be more able to deter foreign aggression and making great strides in restoring confidence and respect for America

In closing, I know there are many other accomplishments but I could not let Elaine Halleck’s comments in the January 6 issue of the Reporter go unchallenged.

Don Savon


Dear Sir,

Thank you to the anonymous reviewer of our little Chez Charracate Wine Bar in Ajijic.  Your comments were helpful and appreciated.

The only correction I would have was in reference to the “freshly sliced baked ham” as part of our Charcuterie  ... what we offer is unique to lakeside.

I dare to say that no one even in Guadalajara offers freshly sliced “Bellota” ham from Spain. The Jamon Iberico or Bellota (a black footed species of pig) that we offer is named for the pure acorn diet that these pigs are fed for the last 90 days of their lives.  After slaughter, they are dressed, salt cured for two weeks and then hung to air cure for 36 months. We acquired the whole eight-kilo leg and have been carefully trimming and slicing it every week to accommodate our clients.  I believe you would have to go to Mexico City (or Spain) to find this quality of ham offered in this manner.  The brand we chose is “5 – Jotas” – the top of the line in Bellota.

So thank you again for the “in detail” review of our little wine bar and I hope that the clarification on the Jamon Iberico is not taken as a criticism.

Thomas R. Thompson