Letters To The Editor - October 05, 2019

Dear Sir,

I am a permanent resident of Mexico and the owner of a condominium at Puerto Vallarta’s Peninsula Tower III Residential Specific Condominium for the past 12 years.

The peace and beauty of this area is what drew me to Playa del Oro. I was enchanted by the sea life, particularly the sea turtles, which I came to find, were plentiful in this area with four species including one that is very specific to Puerto Vallarta. I am a retired family doctor and had been looking for a place to retire. I had only spent nine days in Mexico in my entire life when I chanced on the Peninsula Condominiums.

Since March of this year, the adjacent Chicabal Beach Club has produced sound as high as 122 decibels measured by the NIOSH sound app and averaging well over 70 decibels. The club produces bright lights and shoots off fireworks, which causes disorientation of the sea turtles and drifts gun smoke into my home. The low frequency sound from the heavy bass is known to affect sea life. We have seen an increase in crocodiles, possibly drawn by the low frequency. They have also been destructive to the local flora. Palm trees that are supposed to be protected are dying in the river. These were placed and left to die by the beach club. Garbage is left to flow out to sea. The loud music attracts drug users. During one loud episode with deep bass, I had a back bedroom sliding glass door explode into thousands of pieces.

The Chicabal Beach Club operates on the Blue Flag beach and violates the basic rules on noise and disturbing sea life.  I am also concerned by obscenities and lewd behavior, which my grandchildren can see at the club.

As an U.S. citizen, I was very fearful when I first came here about the possibility of my investment in residential property being destroyed by a entity such as this beach club. I now find my concern is a reality. My property is worth less and renters are fleeing this area. If this type of behavior becomes more widespread, I think it would adversely affect tourism and real estate here.

I understand that the Jalisco government has passed a new law to limit noise that has not yet been adopted. Currently the limit in this area is 68 decibels, which the club violates routinely. Inspectors do not come when called.

I implore that the government of Puerto Vallarta assist us in maintaining the quality of life, which this area used to offer, and protecting the sea life, which we have been provident to enjoy.

Sara Becker