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Luz del Mundo pilgrims flood city

The Luz del Mundo (Light of the World) temple in Guadalajara’s Colonia Hermosa Provincia has been inundated with the faithful this week as church members from around the world converge to celebrate their yearly Holy Convocation.

Some 300,000 people are expected and will occupy six shelters, 30 schools, 30 hotels and stay at some 10,000 homes located near the faith’s landmark temple.

Founded in 1926 by the late Joaquín González, the evangelical denomination describes itself as the restoration of primitive Christianity. Female members follow a dress code that includes the wearing of long skirts and head coverings during religious services. They are always seated apart from men.

Samuel Joaquín Flores became the leader of the church by the age of 27 after the death of his father.  He is referred to by believers as the Apostle of Jesus Christ and the Servant of God.  During the annual Holy Convocation followers often fall to their feet and weep openly as he passes by them on his entry into the temple.

The denomination has some seven million adherents worldwide.