Last updateFri, 12 Oct 2018 11am

US company to build, operate pioneering waste treatment plant in city suburb

TransAct Energy Corp will build the first “Zero Emissions Waste Optimization Plant” in Mexico in the Guadalajara suburb of El Salto.

The Nevada-based company has signed an agreement with local garbage concessionaire Hasars to process their municipal solid waste collections from Tlaquepaque, as well as a conditional purchase agreement for an 18.4-hectare, greenfield, industrial site located in the industrial zone of El Salto.   

The new  plant will be able to process 481,800 metric tonnes annually, according to a TransAct Energy press release.

“After years and several attempts to secure a binding agreement in Mexico from a credible source we have finally succeeded. This is the corner stone upon which we build this plant and the company,” said TransAct CEO Rod Bartlett.

“We are genuinely excited about having the municipal solid waste we collect optimized rather than placed in a landfill,” said Adrian Orozco Cardenas, managing partner of Hasars.

According to TransAct Energy, by-products from the sold waste include potable water, fuels, heavy metals, scrap metals, aluminum, glass, waxes, sugars and carbon – all of which may be resold back into the marketplace at a profit.

Grupo Ecologico Hasars has 30 years of experience in the integral management of municipal, industrial and commercial solid waste in Mexico. Their trucks collect household waste in several Guadalajara metro-area municipalities.

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