Last updateFri, 14 Dec 2018 4pm

Horseless calandrias coming soon

The first electric calandrias that will replace the traditional horse-drawn carriages are currently being tested on the city center’s streets. 

Meanwhile, as Guadalajara city hall continues to try and convince a handful of carriage drivers to sign an agreement pledging their cooperation with the horseless, electric calandria program, the municipality has issued an extension which allows them to keep plying their trade without fear of being fined or otherwise penalized.  The 30 drivers who did sign the agreement will continue to benefit from a training program which will license them to use the new animal-less models.


While he hasn’t given a precise date, interim Guadalajara Mayor Enrique Ibarra Pedroza expects the first electric models to hit the streets in the next few weeks.  The faux-retro carriages come complete with advertising space, to be sold to businesses by the company contracted by the city to build the machines, Mexican electronics manufacturer Kadled.

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