Last updateFri, 15 Mar 2019 3pm

7 dead in city bus accident

A tragic – but most likely avoidable – accident occurred Friday, June 15 when a metro-area bus drove into a roadside canal in Tlaquepaque, overturning and killing seven passengers. 

pg1cAdditionally, 28 people were seriously wounded.

The incident occurred at 9:30 p.m. in Colonia San Martin de las Flores.  The driver, who was piloting a route 275-B bus, fled the scene and remains at large.

Following the accident, passengers have come forward with stories of reckless and discourteous behavior of the part of drivers, particularly those working route 275-B buses.

“The other day a driver opened his doors without completely stopping and my 10-year-old boy almost fell off,” related Sonia Alcala to a reporter working for local daily El Informador. “We’re human beings, but it’s like they’re transporting animals, the way they drive.”

Following the accident, the Secretary of Transportation (SEMOV) withdrew from circulation four 275-B buses.

According to Saul Gonzalez, head of a citizens watchdog organization that monitors public transportation, transportation safety won’t change until authorities properly punish negligence on the part of drivers and their employers, i.e., bus companies who are granted concessions to operate within city limits.  He also suggested outlawing the practice of paying the drivers according to the amount of passengers they pick up.   

“If they keep having to fight for every cent, we’re going to keep seeing this type of accident occur,” said Gonzalez.

While it isn’t known precisely what caused last Friday’s horrific accident, passengers reported that the stretch of road where it occurred was – and is often – poorly lit.

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