Last updateFri, 25 Sep 2020 8am

Amnesty granted for woman who killed partner

The first person in Jalisco to be released from prison under President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s Amnesty Law was enjoying her freedom this week.

Alicia “N”  served less than six years of a 25-year sentence after being found guilty of killing her partner. A judge passed down the sentence on March 3, 2016, even though defense lawyers argued that Alicia suffered violent treatment at the hands of her partner.

The case was reviewed by a panel of Jalisco Supreme Court judges, who concluded that the sentence met the conditions for revocation under the Ley de Amnistía para las Mujeres Víctimas de Violencia de Género (Amnesty Law for Female Victims of Gender Violence), which came into effect last year.

The judges ascertained that financial redress had been made to close family members of the victim, who have forgiven Alicia for the crime. They also took into account the testimony of five character witnesses, close relatives of the defendant, which is another requisite for amnesty.

Alicia also met the stipulation that all those applying for release under the new law must be first-time offenders.

The judges issued an order for the immediate release of Alicia “N,” noting that their ruling closes the case for good.

Release from prison under the Amnesty Law does not signify a pardon.

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