Last updateFri, 10 Jul 2020 9am

Tax in a world of pandemic

A name that did not even exist at the beginning of the year, Covid-19, has turned all of our lives upside down, in a matter of weeks. Folks, we are living in amazing times.

Covid-19 has a way of affecting literally everything we do, or plan to do. (I am asking South Dakota to waive a one day “visit overnight” requirement for my driver’s license renewal, due soon.) Employment, travel, supply chains – everything – is being affected by Covid-19. And of course, this comes in the middle of tax season. People are losing jobs and facing incredible hardships – all of which have a very meaningful impact, come tax time.

As I write this, the Congress is fashioning some emergency economic relief for Americans; details are unclear, but suffice it to say this is a truly major calamity that requires unprecedented actions, the world over.

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