Lakeside’s own tequila-makers open local agave plantation

Lakeside area tequila producers Sandy Estrada and Daniel Ruiz hosted the October 18 inauguration of their newest blue agave plantation, the first they are cultivating on the north shore corridor. The two men are compadres and business partners in the production of Tequila Sandy y Daniel, a premium, limited-yield brand made from plantings grown in the fertile fields bordering Lake Chapala.

The new field, spanning one acre and situated on the steep hillside, was tilled with the help of a mule team before it was planted with 12,000 blue agave shoots about six months ago. The piñas (heads) of the spiky succulents will be ready for harvest and the distillation process in about eight years.

Meanwhile, Estrada and Ruiz are cultivating other fields located along the south shore near Tizapan, allowing them to rotate harvests and assure a sufficient supply of raw material to make a new batch of Mexico’s emblematic firewater each year.

According to Estrada, it takes about 3,000 agaves to produce 15,000 liters of tequila. The Sandy and Daniel line offers both tequila blanco and golden resposado noted for authentic flavor with a pleasingly gentle bite.

The new plantation is set at the top of ridge above Chapala’s Instituto Tecnológico, offering a sweeping panorama of the lake and north shore waterfront set below, and spectacular mountain views in all other directions. The grounds are complete with a large tiled-roofed terrace to be utilized as a facility for parties and guided tours. For information on booking the place for special events, contact Estrada at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., telephone (376) 766-2529 or cell 331-549-1982.