Last updateMon, 21 Jan 2019 12pm

State traffic cops go out of bounds in Chapala

In what remains as a messy transition from state to municipal authority over local streets and highways, officers from Jalisco’s Secretaria de Movilidad (SeMov) have been spotted patrolling in La Floresta and other points now outside their assigned areas of control.

Motorists should be aware the SeMov patrols only have local jurisdiction on the Libramiento by-pass, stretches of highway running north towards Guadalajara and Mezcala beyond intersections with Avenida Pepe, and to the west toward Jocotepec past the Ajijic cemetery. The remaining territory within Chapala’s boundaries corresponds to Transito Municipal (TM).



Pending enactment of a municipal regulatory code and a formal agreement with Jalisco’s Finance Department, TM officers may issue verbal or written warnings for traffic violations. They are not yet empowered to hand out tickets or impose fines.

Although pickup patrols used by the two agencies are similar in appearance, the municipality’s sole truck is distinguished by the lettered inscription “Transito Municipal” together with large blue star insignia appearing on its hood and doors  and the ID mark TM-01. SeMov patrols are labelled with a winged star insignia, the words Policia Vial and ID numbers prefixed by VR, the abbreviation for Vialidad Regional.           Dale Hoyt  Palfrey

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