Chapala to hike municipal fees for 2020

The Chapala City Council has approved hikes in municipal fees and taxes to take effect for the 2020 calendar year.

While most fees will be raised by five percent, in line with the current rate of inflation, steeper increases will apply for the issuance of certified documents, building permits for developers and the acquisition of burial plots.

The cost for grave sites in the municipality’s overcrowded cemeteries will go up from 250 to 750 pesos per square meter.  Mayor Moisés Anaya justified the 300-percent hike, calling it a measure to prevent speculation on scarce space and come closer to costs charged in the Guadalajara metro area that average 950 to 1,200 pesos per square meter.

Building permits granted to developers of residential complexes will shoot up 25 percent, roughly on a par with other tourism hotspots such as Puerto Vallarta, Anaya explained. Individual home builders will pay a lower rate.

Next year’s fees for water and sewage services will be determined at a later date by the SIMAPA tariffs commission.

The Ley de Ingresos, implemented by all Jalisco municipalities, is subject to ratification by the state legislature for official publication in December.