Red Nose campaign to help ailing kids

The Nariz Roja “Build Hope” fund-raising campaign is drawing to a close. The collaborative effort co-sponsored by DIF Chapala and the non-profit Campeones de la Vida, NR A.C. is aimed at collecting at least 20,000 pesos to be shared between the organizations.

pg11Half will go towards the construction of the Nariz Roja  shelter for cancer patients in Guadalajara and the rest to support DIF’s rehabilitation clinic and assistance program for local children afflicted with physical disabilities.

Contributions are being collected in the distinctive yellow piggy banks with big red noses that have been placed in government offices, businesses and with local organizations such as the Lake Chapala Society and Chapala Sunrise Rotary Club. Rummage sales, sporting activities and other special events are also running throughout the community to boost the kitty.

The campaign is set to close Sunday, November 3 with a happening at the Chapala Malecon, starting at 11 a.m. In addition to tallying a final count of proceeds, the event will feature a hair-cutting challenge to obtain material for making wigs for chemotherapy patients.