City Hall unveils labor suit blacklist

The Chapala government has outed former employees who have active labor suits pending against City Hall, releasing a list of more than 200 names to media outlets Friday, October 11.

The government’s head lawyer Isaac Trejo Gracián said the current administration inherited 95 cases going back to 2009-2017. All the rest pertain to employees who lost their positions with last year’s change of government.

The blacklist includes 14 department heads from the 2015-2018 administration, including former social development director Diego Beltrán, acquisitions director Magdaleno Enciso Fuentes, comptroller José Baltazar Alvarado, patrimony director Guadalupe Padilla Castañeda, press chief Carlos García Robles and fire department chief Enrique Perales Miranda. Former city councilor Martha Maldonado Esqueda, Ajijic Delegado Jesús Medeles Córdova and chief advisor to the mayor Modesto Hernández López have also lodged claims.

Trejo did not specify whether the top echelon officials are only suing for salaries due from September 2018 and proportional benefits corresponding to the first nine months of the year, or seeking additional compensation. Under current law, elected and appointed officers are not entitled to keep their positions at the end of the term.

Former mayor Javier Degollado González dropped his claim after it was disclosed to the public.

Trejo indicated that other new cases are under analysis to determine which base level employees who lost their jobs are seeking unpaid wages and benefits, reinstatement and/or compensation for unjustified dismissal.