Sowers of Life begin weekend reforestation campaigns

If you have noticed that the summer greening of the Chapala area can be chalked up to more than just rainy season weather, say gracias to Sembradores de Vida (Sowers of Life), a loose-knit pro-environment group that has engaged in widespread reforestation over the past month.

pg11aFormed by residents of San Antonio Tlayacapan a year ago, Sembradores has drawn in volunteers of all ages who hold an interest in reviving lakeside’s natural attributes.  As a result of campaigns organized every weekend, the group has planted dozens of different species of trees along the borders of the central highway, public parks, lakefront areas and other appropriate spots for the growth of leafy oxygen-producers. These projects have been supported by Chapala’s Ecology Department and Ana Romana, owner of a private  tree farm near Mezcala.

Sembradores also promotes the propagation of all types of plants and backyard vegetable gardens, along with education on the practical care and nurturing of flora in general. Learn more about their activities on the group’s Facebook page.