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Seasonal flu shots available at lakeside

With the coronavirus pandemic still rampant in Jalisco, lakeside residents are concerned about the prospect of a seasonal influenza outbreak looming on the horizon.

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State health authorities are signed on to the official national public health flu vaccination campaign, initiated October 16 to run through November 6.

According to Dr. Ramiro Gil, chief of Región Sanitaria IV based in La Barca, limited supplies of trivalent flu vaccines have been distributed to all 67 public health clinics (centros de salud) located in the lakeshore region, including Chapala and Jocotepec.

The trivalent shot protects against three strains of seasonal flu virus: influenza A-H1N1, influenza A-H3N2, and influenza B/Victoria lineage. Application is available free of charge, with preference given to individuals most susceptible to severe infection, such as children from six months to five years, pregnant women, adults over age 60 and persons afflicted by chronic diseases.   

Due to high demand, Gil reports that an extra 1,000 doses were delivered this week to Chapala’s Centro de Salud. Trivalent vaccines may also be available from local doctors and hospitals.

The more potent quadrivalent flu vaccine that wards off four strains of virus is expected to come on the Mexican market by mid-November. Check with a personal physician, local hospitals and the Lake Chapala Society for information on costs and availability.

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