Thieves strike Ajijic cellphone office, again

A pair of wily criminals struck a lightning blow on a Telcel office located on Ajijic’s Calle Juan Álvarez around midday Saturday, November 21.

The outlet’s video surveillance cameras captured images from four angles showing how the caper was pulled off in just over 30 seconds.

The thieving couple first appears seated as if waiting for the shopkeeper to finish attending to other customers. Moments later the male bandit casually approaches the counter, suddenly pulling a small pistol from his pocket and holding the clerk and a man seated nearby at gunpoint while snatching cell phones from each one’s hands.

Meanwhile, his female accomplice rushes about grabbing merchandise from showcase shelves. In a flash they then scoot out the door, vanishing from sight with the booty as the victims assimilate what had just happened.

The same store has been hit in similar fashion several times in the past.