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Young lawmaker fights for reform of funding for political parties

A bill proposed by the independent lawmaker Pedro Kumamoto to dramatically cut the funding of political parties in Mexico was approved by the Jalisco Congress back in June.

Kumamoto’s bill, “Sin votos no hay dinero” (Without votes, there’s no money), would see funding allocated to parties cut in half and based on the actual results of elections rather than the number of people with an INE (voter credential).

“This means if 50 percent of the electorate vote, the parties are going to receive 50 percent less money,” Kumamoto said after the vote.

With 46 pesos currently allocated for each existing voter credential, political parties received just over four billion pesos ($US221.6 million) in 2015.


“Today, if you vote or not is not important,” Kumamoto said. “You’re still giving the 46 pesos to the political parties. This is perverse, since the system doesn’t generate any incentives for people to vote. Under my formula, people will have a direct say on where the money goes. If you believe in what parties are doing then you will vote and money will be allocated accordingly.”

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