Last updateFri, 12 Apr 2019 2pm

200-peso note most commonly forged bill last year

According to Banco de Mexico, 2017 saw the seizure of over 335,000 counterfeit bills, totaling close to 112 million pesos. The most common denomination?

The 200-peso note.


The National Defense and Protection of Financial Service Users Commission (Condusef) recommends always inspecting the authenticity of bills you receive, whether it be from an ATM or a bank teller.  Indicators of authenticity include small transparent squares, water marks and portions of the bill that change color.

In a communique, Condusef urged those in possession of counterfeit bills to bring them to a bank, rather than knowingly keeping the currency in circulation.  The deliberate use of counterfeit money in Mexico carries a fine and up to 12 years in prison.

Those forfeiting fake money are also required to provide official identification and a letter specifying where and when the bill came into their possession.  It may be worth speculating that these requirements cause people to think twice before relinquishing the dummy currency to the authorities, thus keeping counterfeit money in circulation.

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