Lopez Obrador gives passionate but conciliatory victory address

“I won’t let you down. I won’t let you down,” Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador yelled into a microphone as thousands of his supporters packed Mexico City’s giant Zocalo square to celebrate the veteran politician’s landslide victory in Sunday’s presidential election.

In a speech that struck a far more conciliatory tone that most of his campaign stump discourses, Lopez Obrador stressed his commitment to battling corruption, eradicating poverty and ending the cycle of violence that has plagued Mexico for more than a decade. He vowed to be a president for “all the people,” respecting the individual, social and political freedoms enshrined in the Mexican Constitution.


Here are the highlights of the speech:

… I call on all Mexicans to reconcile and put personal interests, no matter how legitimate, to one side in the general interest.  As [Independence hero] Vicente Guerrero affirmed: “The country comes first.”

… Our new national project will seek to establish an authentic democracy. We do not intend to build an open or covert dictatorship.

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