Last updateFri, 15 Nov 2019 12pm

Avocados now cheaper in Europe

Despite Mexico being a major producer of the fruit, avocados are currently cheaper in Spain, France and the United Kingdom than at Guadalajara supermarkets.

Prices have spiked sharply in recent weeks, with avocados now costing between 85 and 100 pesos a kilo at metro-area outlets (and in other large Mexican cities).

According to some reports, avocados can be found in Madrid for 43 pesos a kilo, while the Carrefour chain in Paris is selling them for 50 pesos a kilo, and the Tesco chain in the U.K. for 83 pesos.

Prices in the United States, the major importer of Mexican avocados, are slightly higher than south of the border.  Four-fifths of Mexican exports of avocados – a market worth US$2.6 billion annually – go to the United States.

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