Ten-digit calling goes nationwide August 3

Mexico is simplifying its domestic telephone dialing procedures as of August 3.

pg4aThe changeover is ever so easy!

All numbers dialed within the country, from both fixed lines and cellphones, will now contain ten digits.

The prefixes 01, 044 and 045 are being scrapped.

Instead, long-distance area codes must be used for all numbers dialed.

That means Guadalajara residents will have to use the 33 prefix when making local calls. In the same manner, lakesiders must add the 376 or other area prefixes to all calls, even if they are local.

Although some providers may offer a”grace” period following the August 3 changeover, the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT) suggests that people start to update their cellphone contact lists, web pages, presentation cards and other publicity material.

Just remember that within Mexico you will always have to dial ten numbers – no more no less.

Any changes to international dialing will be covered in next week’s issue.