Last updateFri, 21 Sep 2018 10am

Noise-limiting law may be in effect this year

The so-called “crusade against noise” will potentially be given teeth if a proposed state law regulating decibel levels emitted by bars, restaurants and clubs goes into effect this December. 

The Jalisco State Congress is expected to vote on the measure sometime this month.

The bill, however, is not without its critics.

pg5aThe chief claim made by detractors is that, rather than being a sincere effort to give citizens’ ear drums a rest, the law is just another way for the government to generate revenue – establishments not in compliance will be heavily fined.

However, the law’s author, state congressman Augusto Valencia Lopez, denies claims of governmental avarice.

“The first thing I need to clear up is that this law isn’t aimed exclusively at night spots, its a series of reforms that seek to give citizens the means by which to avoid being victims of excessive noise.  Noise not just from clubs and the like, but other neighbors, construction, government activities, etcetera.  It’s a mechanism that will allow people to effectively complain, as well as oblige the government to take appropriate action.” Valencia explained.

In Guadalajara, the main generators of bothersome noise are the zones of Chapultepec, Americana and Providencia, while in Zapopan, they are La Estancia, Villas Universidad and La Calma.

Fines for exceeding the proposed decibel ceiling could run from 2,264 to a million-and-a-half pesos, depending on the money-making capacity of the non-compliant establishment.

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