Airbnb renters to be charged three percent tax in 2018

Those renting properties through the hospitality service Airbnb in the state of Jalisco will face a three-percent tax, to be applied sometime during the second trimester of this year.

There is some doubt as to how this will be achieved practically, with Carlos Anguiano, president of the state’s Tourism Commission warning that “the Secretary of Finance and renting parties will have to reach an agreement amongst themselves on the manner with which the taxes will be reported and collected.”

The resulting monies, according to state authorities, will be funneled back into the state’s tourism industry in the form of promotion and infrastructural improvements.  According to Anguiano, the four primary recipients of the funds will be Fidetur (a real estate advisory consortium), the Guadalajara metropolitan zone, Puerto Vallarta and Region Los Altos.

As the allure of Lake Chapala draws more and more potential retirees from the United States, Canada and elsewhere, Airbnb use will only increase as visitors seek a place to stay for a weekend while they test the waters.