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LLT’S ‘Silent Sky’ delivers both passion and humor

“Because wonder will always get us there …”

pg24If you’re thinking a play about the life of a female astronomer in the early 1900s might be dry and boring, you’d be wrong.

Lakeside Little Theatre’s production of “Silent Sky” by Lauren Gunderson, about the career of astronomer Henrietta Leavitt (played by Debra Bowers), is compelling and surprisingly funny. And you might even learn something about the universe.

We meet Henrietta at her family home where she tells her sister Margaret (Lynn Gutstadt) that she intends to take a position at the Harvard University Observatory. We feel her passion for the great unknown of space as she looks at the night sky and wonders why no one has yet figured out “where we are!” The theater-goer can feel her excited sense of awe, and her keen frustration when others don’t share in it. Kudos to the lighting team of Ricardo Perez, Randy Warren, and Garry Peerless for the lovely night sky and other lighting effects that beautifully add to the drama of the story.

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