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How to keep the same number of your lost phone

A recent column offered some tips on how to cope with losing your cell phone.

There is of course more to be said on this subject, much more. Assuming you want to keep your same phone number after having lost your phone, there are things you need to do now, or you may not be able to keep your number.

If your cell number is a Mexican number you need to go to the customer service office for your carrier to be sure your number is actually registered in your name. Once your number is registered to you, if you lose your phone you need only go back to customer service with your photo ID to get a replacement chip. If you failed to register your number, it is not likely you will be able to keep your old number.

If you are in Mexico and using a USA-based cell phone number, then you really do have a big problem on your hands if you lose your phone. Yes, you can buy a replacement phone  instrument in Mexico but you cannot get a replacement GSM chip with your old U.S. phone number. A replacement chip with your old number will have to come from the States, meaning you have to go in person to the customer service office in the States or have a friend do so, and send you the chip.

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