Last updateFri, 15 Jan 2021 2pm

Good people put us to sleep

You ever notice that nobody writes biographies of good people? Saints. Humanitarians. Pacifists. And so on.

The reason is that these are lives that are so good and helpful and charitable and hopeful and loving, that nobody gives a damn. It’s true.

Look at St. Joseph. The poor soul endured a terrible humiliation with grace and tolerance. No biography. Now, if St. Joseph had decided to kill the Three Wise Men and nail a few singing angels with javelins because he was pissed off, that would be a story. And a movie. Starring Harvey Keitel.

Check it out: Mother Teresa. There’s a biographical account of her life.  Nobody read it. Mother Cabrini. Nothing. Nobody’s even heard of her. Both recent saints. All they did was heal people. Nobody was whacked.


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